Is it 2010 yet?

Here I sit with yet another stomach virus. Two in four weeks. Add that to the back pain which has only slightly diminished and I am not a happy person. I am a grump. And I want all this to STOP. Right now, please.

Thank goodness for knitting. I just finished Round Two of Sock Madness. And this one is maddening. As fascinating as stranded knitting is, this sock almost completed the short drive to insanity. I have sore fingers and a semi-permanent negative image burned into my retina. Wanna see what drove me crazy?

I dragooned the son into possing with the socks. Don't you love the wrinkled pajama bottoms and sheets. He wasn't out of bed yet. I grabbed him while still sleepy and shoved these socks onto his feet and then took the photo before he could protest. Poor thing. One of these days he is going to repay me.

On a higher note I got back to Cousin Daughter's Whispering Lace socks.

This was my fourth attempt to photograph it. The first three looked like this.

My photographic skills are not improving. Thank goodness I did not eat anything today. This is enough to put me off food for a long time.

I have a plan to recover. More sunshine and less rain. I wonder if our not so swift governor has decided we are out of the drought yet?

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