Carnivals, Shawls, Socks


I am very sleepy. Perhaps it is the drugs. Or lack of sleep. Or an overtaxed mind. I should just go to bed but I don't want to. Can you hear the whine in that? Sooo childish.

Part of the problem is I have to many projects. Pretty pretty little things. Lovely little objects on many different needles with soft colorful yarn. Acrylic white, merino teal, multicolored Dream in Color Classy. And some new ideas. Darn those cousins. They keep coming up with great temptations.

Carnival Comforter from Crochet Home and Holiday June-July 2000 edition. This is a baby blanket in acrylic currently being crocheted on size I crochet hook. The yarn is heavy and scratchy but will become so soft and wonderful after a machine washing. It is tough and capable of holding up to whatever a baby can do with it. I love the shock of brilliant color on the edges. So far the babies have loved it too.

This is one of the Yarn Harlot's creations. Leyburn Sock pattern. I don't know what yarn she chose but it caught Cousin Daughter's eye and will be added to her queue. The yarn makes me want to stop everything else and cast-on. The photo belongs to the Yarn Harlot but I don't steal bandwidth. So do go check out her blog.

And this is Round Two of Sock Madness. Tokena. My yarn choice is Teal and Gold. I hope I can finish these in time. I am always amazed by how creative Sock Designers are. How can people keep inventing new architectures? I just love knitting. It satisfies my cravings for texture, visual, tactile, aural. And it challenges me to learn new ways of doing old things.

Knitting has been a huge comfort this past month. I am very grateful to the woman who taught me to knit (Thanks Merf) and to all the designers, teachers, yarn dyers, spinners, encouragers. This gift feeds my soul. I am well satisfied.

I nearly forgot. Thanks to those victims who let me drench them with the finished products. Without you I would be neck deep in yarn. Keep wearing out those socks!

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