Random Thoughts

The taxes are done and filed electronically for free. I love that !

My uncle put in a room-sized train set. I think I love him !

My aunt hates it.

Wendy's makes great spicy chicken sandwiches.

I love being out from under the taxes !

Lime and Violet make crazy podcasts.

My cousin lives in a much warmer climate than we do. And she lives in a big house. And her children are out of the house on their own.

Too bad she hates unexpected visitors.

But, we are blood-cousins (similar to blood-sisters but without the sisters part).

I did not have to cook tonight.

I do however have to wash dishes and fold laundry that stacked up while I stressed the taxes.

I found one skein of beautiful purple yarn. Now if only I can make a full set of gloves from it.

I found some really ugly sock yarn. I wonder if my sister needs more socks?

My mother had three children. One of which is convinced he is perfect.

I have one child. He IS perfect.

The husband is rather grand too.

The brother is not so grand. Don't let him fool you.

The cousin is a great cook. I am a good baker. Too bad there are 2000 miles between us.

I have an AOL IM, YAHOO IM, GMAIL IM, Twitter, Plurk account. And I never sign in.

There is a Yarn and Wine Tasting evening on March 5th at Knit One North.

I don't drink wine (or any other alcohol) but I would gladly drink some yarn.

I can't spin but give me enough wine and I would gladly try.

Topmost on my list of things to do is Learn to fly a helicopter.

Aren't you bored?

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