Still Avoiding

I am avoiding many things, not just taxes. Sometimes things are just a bit too hard to talk about.

Henry Socks are done, being blocked. Hopefully they will be dry and ready to mail on Monday. Sunday is Henry's birthday. He is quite young. And according to the Cuz, quite a Hunk!

Getting all dressed up isn't his favorite thing to do, but he looks really fine, don't you think?

Poor Cuz has a cold. Sniffles and hoarse throat. She is in need of tea and cookies and lots of sympathy.

The snow is gone for the moment. It is very very cold but not sub-zero. We are grateful.

This man was carrying a huge beer bottle with a stein-like handle. I tried to catch him but HIM would not slow down. It had to be at least two feet tall. We joked that it would take a keg to fill it.

I want to make these shoe slippers. I blatantly stole this photo from Jo at Celtic Memory Yarn. Go read her blog and be as envious as I am. I want to travel as she does.

The cousin forced her poor, ill, exhausted self to make a pie. I am trying to bribe her to let me show you.

Oh well. She is 2000 miles away. She can't reach this far.

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