Avoiding the Taxes

The Unique Sheep sent the first LOTR sock club kit. I really like their logo.

The yarn is a great spring-like color. It gives me hope that the snow will end.

These are the fingerless gloves DS is wearing. His hands are always cold. Of course I did not make them because his hands were cold, but because mine are. Typical mother response. If I am cold, he gets a sweater. I did let him pick out the color though. And the wall color? HIM chose that.

I am still waiting for him to stop laughing and repaint. It is blinding in the mornings with the sun shining in from the window and bouncing off that horrible lime-green glossy wall. There is not enough coffee in the world to make that better.

This is Henry Sock 1 in progress. I have finished him and moved onto Henry 2. See that dpn stuck in it? Missing. Gone. Who knows what evil elf stole it. But when I find out, there will be one less elf in Middle Earth. Even if he looks like Orlando Bloom in a wig. And some good looking tights too. So do you like to look at elves coming or going?

And here is Henry 1 again. The pattern is Gentlemen's Socks. The yarn is from Sarah Yarns. I am bored with GS but never with Sarah's yarns. Her Thordis kit was great fun.

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