Missing in Action

I have been knitting like ..... like a machine? Which is a great idea except I never really mastered the machine.

One of these days.....

Right after I master the loom the Cuz loaned me.

Great grammer, huh?

Good thing I love to knit.

No, I cannot show photos right now. And when I can, I can't because they will be gone. Hopefully in use and appreciated. But if not appreciated, well then at least they will be out of sight.

I love my stash. I have been shopping in it and making wonderful new discoveries.

Having forgotten what I have in the boxes makes everything seem new and exciting.

Yes, I lead a very sad little life.

But I like it.

Oh, and HIM brought home McD's coffee. Large cup. Fully caffeinated.

Can you tell?

Yes, I am wired.

Who needs Starbucks anyway?

So I finished the hat in 1 1/2 days.

LOVE chunky yarn.

Now for mittens.

You won't tell, will you?

Whew. Good.

Okay here is a pretty stolen from NZ City newspaper online. Taken by Rob Suisted.

God does really good work.

Can someone tell me how to enlarge Blogger's Compose window? This tiny space is annoying me.

I think I need to stop drinking coffee now.

Or go run around the house.

Except I cannot knit and run at the same time.

Wow. Caffeine is good stuff.

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birdgirl1 said...

I don't know how to make the picture bigger but DON'T BLOW ON IT WHILE YOU ARE TRYING!!!!!! CUZ