And I thought November was bad.

Here it is. December 2nd. And I am so ready for January. Although that may be even harder.
Besides the snow that started before November 15th and won't quit. Besides the computer crashing into oblivion the day before my routinely scheduled back-up. Besides cooking two Thanksgiving dinners and carting one elsewhere. (I take full blame for that one) I can now add this list: Four cd players died in one night. FOUR. Once more with feeling. FOUR bloomin' cd players DIED in one night. All of this in a five day period. But the worst part......HIM decided to spend some time testing one of the cd players because I am too stupid to know when something is dead. No, that is not the worst part. He took that one cd player and my very favorite cd over to his recliner. Because apparently reclining while working on a non-functioning cd player is the thing to do. He dropped my Very Favorite cd down inside the recliner.

In the process of getting up to get this cd he managed to gouge great canyons into it. My Very Favorite irreplaceable cd is now trashed.

I was slightly upset about the cd players.

I am devastated about the lost cd.

I want to crawl into a hole and not emerge until this curse is lifted.

Yes, I am petty. Now leave me alone to mope in self-pity.


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Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

But what WAS the CD, petkin? Maybe we can find a replacement on the Net? I've found the most amazing things on the Net, even long out of print books.