December is a Time Warp

I am so confused this month. The days drag and drag and then a month has gone past. I want to hold onto the last few days very tightly to hold off 2009. Which may explain why my thumb aches.

It can't be because I am knitting with cotton.

I promised photos a long time ago and drat, everything is wrapped, sent, hidden, gone. So how about some photos of my desktop.

Sorry for the blur. The photos looked okay in the camera. Cascade 220 hanging from the pencil sharpener. Bernat Satin hiding beneath the bookshelf with some Sugar Babies Cotton waiting in front of the latest market bag pattern from Creative Knitting Jan 09 issue. Many cords for cameras, phones, digital recorders and my cherished Zen mp3 player. Which is playing Josh Groban as I type.

The market bag in progress in front of the keyboard and the Yarn Harlot on the screen.

More yarn for Special Olympics scarves, two water containers, music cds and a boombox plus more music, software, books. Somewhere in this mess are more patterns waiting and a sweater for the Son which is being seamed. V e r y s l o w l y. It may be finished for Christmas next year. Or for Eastern Orthodox Christmas. If I get off my dallying horse and get it done. I must remember to never ever knit a sweater that changes yarns every 5th row. NEVER again. But it certainly is soft and cuddlesome.

The cd box on top of the boombox is Micheal O' Siadhail's Learning Irish. I use it for review since I don't know any other Irish Gaelic speaking folks. Somewhere in the mix is also Coffee Break Spanish reviews. If you have any desire to learn a few words of another language check out their site. There is a lot of choice. And it may just give you the impetus to travel.

I need to clear some space. Taxes and paperwork need to be prepared.

I would rather knit.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I tried a new oatmeal cookie recipe from Cook.com.


How can anyone ruin oatmeal cookies?

Want some small bricks?

You could throw them at something.

Or use them for batting practice.

Just don't eat them.

Note to self: Don't make a triple batch of any new recipe.

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