Merry Christmas

Today is such a good day. A day full of love and hope and a reminder that God isn't finished with us yet.

Like so many others we are struggling. Trying to balance which bills get paid and when. Trying to remember that our neighbors have needs and fears and hopes too. Reminding ourselves that retirement isn't a biblical concept. And that the government isn't our security blanket. (I do wish that the government would remember that too)

This year we have not decorated. Too many other things overwhelmed us. The time grew short and the days were hard. The weather kept interfering. And we were just tired. We should have tried harder. Next year, we will. Attitude. It is all about the attitude.

Wednesday morning we received another reminder about being grateful. HIM drives a semi along the South shore of Lake Erie. The Ohio department of transportation has not been doing their usual good job of keeping the roads safe. Night after night of snowy, icy, slick roads has taken its toll on patience and strength. But it was an icy concrete parking lot in PA that caught HIM by surprise. He stepped out onto the ice and fell. Badly. Cracked his head and stunned his body. He had to slide, inching his body over to a truck to get any leverage to stand. Another driver struggled over to help. As a side note, most truck drivers are amazingly kind, generous people. It was pouring rain and took a few minutes for the men to realize that some of that liquid was blood. A lot of blood. HIM had taken a pretty nasty fall. Being a big, manly truck driver, he drove himself to the emergency room and spent several hours there being stapled, cat-scanned, and watched for concussion. He was the fourth patient with a head injury from a fall and several came in immediately after. At shift-change the doctors came into his cubicle talking about the shape of the wound. They drew a copy and showed it to HIM. He said it was not a Y but a Flux Capacitor. I had to laugh. My geeky husband has seen Back to the Future too many times.

He is home and resting safely. I am sooo glad he was ordered not to work last evening. Having him home and warm and safe is a blessing. I know he will gladly go back to work Friday night. He will be cheerful and probably show off his wound the way men do. I will go back to worrying about the roads and the weather.

But for now our best Christmas present is that HIM is home, alive.

I think I will put a bow on HIM. He looks good in red.

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Ann said...

Thanksful, thankful, thankful and to all a good night!