And so it begins

Here we are in 2009. Shall I panic now?

Wait...... No, I think I am too tired. Panic can wait.

I fibbed a bit and told the Sister that I knit this for her for Christmas.
Tallib's Shop

She said she liked it. So I told her I knit it in orange and purple.

I don't think she likes it so much anymore (grin).

I did make her a hat/scarf combination from this pattern.

It's from Knitting Daily. I made it in a soft gold color that will work perfectly with her dark coloring. And if someone could please tell me why the brother and sister have olive skin and dark dark brown hair but I am pale white with red/blond hair? Just exactly what was Mom doing that year?
She is also getting socks, a market bag, and other knitted items. Poor Sis. She is the only one who showed an interest in my knitting. Of course she doesn't know about the not-yet-done sweater. Photos for another day.

In the Good News department: HIM got his stitches and staples out today. The wound looks large but healthy. Now if only he can keep from hurting himself. The fretting just takes so much out of me (evil grin).

A very good start to this year, Yes?

Oh, and I love acrylic.

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