Happy Easter

It is Wonderful to awaken to sunshine and NO snow. Whew. What a long Winter. I know why the seasons start when they do. But Just because the earth rotates around the sun doesn't mean that Winter has ended or Summer has begun. It is cold! And there is still snow on the ground! Therefore in my world it is still Winter. And I rule.

Hey, it is my fantasy.

So what is a lady to do when Easter dinner is finished and the plague of tax forms are yet to be completed and time is running out?

Why, start another knitting project of course. Now currently I only have 1 and 1/2 socks to finish in 9 days. And the endless sweater project for the sister. And a beautiful Peacock partly knit. And a new challenge to work on. So, therefore, I need something else on the needles. I do. Because casting on is like Valium. Soothing. And exciting. And so much better than staring at numbers and lines and calculations.

Thus Thordis is being born. What? You haven't made Thordis? You haven't heard of Thordis? Have you heard of the Icelandic Lace Shawl? Have you heard of Knitting Daily? Oh, I thought so. You were just joshing. Ha ha ha. Very funny. You and the Easter Bunny.

The Cuz, sometimes known as Sainte Cuz, (the Mother adores her) fell in lust and ordered from the fabulous Sarah of Sarah's Yarns. Dear Cuz and Dear Sarah got along like a house afire when the Cuz phoned to place the order. The kit was here within two days. Amazing service. And a wonderful gift of JaggerSpun, Maine Line, 2/8 weight in Teal was tucked in with the kit. Yum. But I can only fondle it because I ran out of needles. And time. So it sits on my desk waiting for me to finish a project. Preferably the tax forms. Before the IRA...IRS? come to get me.

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