Death and Taxes

Or Death to Taxes. I do like the sound of that. No taxes equals more yarn. And no more paperwork. Probably I should confess that my filing system leaves a lot to be desired. I start out each year with good intensions of filing everything in its proper place immediately. Then I resort to the simpler system of dumping everything in one box. Now this is an improvement over the 'papers everywhere' system. However I am now in the process of going through that box. That very heavy box. I take over the very large kitchen table and make stacks everywhere. Often they intersect each other making larger, messier stacks. Then each stack must be put in chronological order with special detail given to the year. Then all that has to be collated. Everything that is deductable has to be put in certain files to be tallied and used in the tax forms. Everything else has to be severely sorted with the idea that most of it can be disposed of. (Yes, Grammer Police, I know!).

I have a headache just thinking about it. This year there seem to be more papers than ever. Or perhaps I just think that every year. Every year I wish for a flat tax. OR no tax at all. I am a firm believer in Less is More. As in: Less government is so much better. Ah, politics. A no-win discussion.

In any case, the worst part of doing taxes.....and I do mean the very worst part.....is that I cannot knit while I do them. I cannot keep track of stitches and pattern repeats and yarn over, knit two together while I am multiplying gross vs net times 0.02% but only if......

Did anyone else hate those darn word problems. If a train going at 57mph in an easterly direction meets a government going 299,792,458 meters per second, or 186,282 miles per second (speed of light, folks) then will the crash be heard in a desert with one camel just over the next hill?

Yeah. I am insane.

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