Crrrrrrrash !

If a computer crashes and no one takes the blame, is there a sound?

Yes ! The sound of me screaming.

Okay, so it isn't THAT bad. I do back up regularly. And I know HIM well enough to know that if he touches my computer, he will crash my computer. Thankfully we know a guy who is really good at fixing computers. And very inexpensive too. So after HIM pulled out the old DVD drive and installed the new DVD drive and crashed my computer thoroughly.....Mr. V got some more of our business. HIM took my poor baby to the shop and Mr. V reinserted the loose memory chip that HIM knocked out of place. Voile'. Back in business. Whew.

The strangest thing was what I missed. I missed my bookmarks. I could use another computer to access email. But I could not remember all the blog and business names and addresses that I check every day. And of course I missed the recipe I had just pulled up for dinner. And the businesses whose bills were due. It seems that every time I lose my computer or the DSL goes down, I need to pay a bill. Online. I suppose I will have to just give in and let Bill Pay have my business. One more way to lose control of things.

One reason the internet is so successful is that the post office is so unsuccessful. For years USPS has been loosing my mail. And I am not alone. They have lots of excuses but no plans to change. Except to raise postage rates. Again. Time for USPS to catch up to modern life.

Did I ever tell you about the time the MIL shot HIM's shed?

Go ahead. Ask me.

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