Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Drat. I thought I was out of sock yarn. I was all set to go sock-yarn shopping. Online, of course. I don't live near any local yarn shops. Online is the next best thing but it doesn't let you feel the yarn, or compare colors. Big sigh. If only someone would open a shop nearby.....

Last month I gathered all my yarns into big (really really big) clear tubs. I won't show you a photo of the multiple tubs of acrylic. I had a long association with acrylic. There is just a huge amount left. Someone explain to me why I can't just let it go to a new home? Why am I hanging on to yarn I will probably never use?

Anyway. Back off the bunny trail. I gathered into one smaller clear tub the good stuff. Alpaca, Mohair, Merino. Just dumped into this tub and unsorted, it was a pretty but tangled mess. I had to organize. I had to prove that I needed to purchase more sock yarn.

I ended up finding enough sock yarn to fill three 2 gallon ziplock bags.

And three shawl kits. And two sets of alpaca sports weight. And so much more. I suppose I won't be shopping for sock yarn any time soon.

I did spend several hours sorting through soft, beautiful squishy yarn. So much better than any chemical high. I finally narrowed my fondling to one skein of cashmere yarn in a deep olive green. It doesn't photo well but this is about to jump onto my dpn's.


Becca said...

Oh, I hate to tell you this, but your stash is imbalanced. You need more sock yarn to counteract all that acrylic. At LEAST enough to fill a tub. I suggest you get over to The Loopy Ewe right away.

The green cashmere is pretty, though.

Orghlaith said...

Thank you for informing me about the imbalance. I will go repair it immediately. Let's see. That is about four large tubs of acrylic I need to balance. Oh this is going to be soooo much fun. (grin)