It is January. The January thaw has departed and the bitter cold has jumped its ugly body onto the map. Nearly every part of the map of North America. Here in Slimy Pebbles we have 4°F which is about -15.6C. But folks, let us skip the Farenheit vs Celcius and go straight for the kelvins. It is 257.59444 Kelvins. Doesn't that sound great? 257.59444 That is much better than 4°F.

Now for those Canadians and others who prefer Celsius, are you nuts? Why would Minus Freekin' 15.6 sound good to you? I agree that we all need a universal system. The Mars probe mistake is just one good reason for choosing ONE unit of measurements. And the whole knitting needles sizes and yarn weight sizing really has to be solved. With internet shopping and world-wide shipping; Come On! Let us choose a system and stick with it. I volunteer to switch to metrics.

But for temperatures? I choose Kelvins. It just sounds so much warmer.

Now I am going to go crawl back under the covers with some hot cocoa and good wool on the needles. Size 2.75mm dpns. Just in case you were wondering.

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