The Cultist

I have known for some time now that certain bloggers have certain powers. So I am careful to arm myself against their unworldly influence. I make certain to maintain a certain level of caffeine thereby insuring a certain resistance level. I make certain to have fondled at least one skein of luxurious yarn before going to their webpage. I make certain that chocolate is nearby just in case the other defenses fail.

But I forgot to arm myself against podcasters. Someone needs to create a webpage listing the most wicked of podcasters and their lairs of seduction. Their photos should be posted within red circles with heavy forward slash marks over those photos. Perhaps those warning symbols should even be posted on major highways.

And there needs to be highly trained deprogrammers for those poor suckers victims who have been seduced into purchasing one more sock kit just because those certain bloggers blogged about it.

If you need me I am the frazzle-haired, unwashed knitter rocking back and forth, knitting, and humming 'They're coming to take me away, ha ha'.

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