Head down, ears covered, plowing through

A friend recently moved from Western Pennsylvania to Northern Wyoming. Perhaps the biggest change has been sunshine and wind. We get some mighty winds in W. PA but not sustained blows. And we get a lot of dampness, grey skies, and falling water. This time of year that water is usually snow or ice or sleet, which is mother nature's way of combining the worst into one convenient package. But this is typical weather for us. I call Western PA, Ireland West. Which is not the same as a West Brit. Trust me on that point.

So she is happily ensconced in her new home. Busy unpacking and rearranging, discovering new hobbies and resurrecting old one. There are more craft stores within a few miles in her tiny community than I can find within 60 miles in any direction. (Jealousy !) And she managed to label me as one of those poor Pennsylvania folk while she is basking in Wyoming sunshine. I am thinking evil thoughts at her now. Perhaps I will move her onto my 'other' list. The list of folks who won't be getting any homemade socks from me. Which is really too bad because I just finished Sockamania's New Year socks.

It is hard to tell from this blurry photo but the design is one of yarn overs and dropped stitches. It was a lot of fun to knit and I really like the stretchy wavy flow. Like a deep blue ocean and waves slapping against a boat. I could almost smell the ocean while I knit this. I can see this pattern being a favorite. So far I have loved each design from Anni. What will February bring?

Definitely no socks for the friend formerly from Western PA !

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