Round Three (I think)

So, here I am hacking, coughing, blaming HIM because he had this first and shared.

I really need to clean the sewing room. It is a desperate situation. And it is December. Therefore I need lots of reasons not to sew, or knit, or crochet, or do any craft-related project and thereby finish a Christmas present. It isn't the 24th yet. I have time. Right?

So. HE is hacking and coughing. I am hacking and coughing. And I get HIM to help me clean the sewing room. First, some furniture needs to be removed before anything can be moved to clean. So HE hauls a huge recliner out to the living room. Then we dump a lot of stuff that was on the floor onto the futon. Then we move stuff, vacuum, move more stuff, vacuum. This continues until we have made our way around the four walls. All of the furniture is in new places. All of the floor has been vacuumed. Most of the objects have been dusted. And I have had some sweet revenge. I made HIM work hard on a Saturday on a non-HIM project. And I made him vacuum. So far my record is pristine. I have not yet touched that blasted device.

Does this mean I win?

Ha! (cough, cough, hack)

I am not yet done.

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