HE is a radio-guy. Has a handle. Meets up on-air regularly with the regular radio-men. Fixes broken radios. Is fairly well known. HE loves it and it is a good hobby. I don't mind.


When HE chats on-air, sometimes the fellow chatters are in moving vehicles; usually trucks (semi's). So he has power-boosters. That increases his range. And blasts any electrical devices we have in the house. When his booster in on, he comes across the radios, cd players, TV's and my touch-sensitive lamp. After watching the lamp turn itself on, turn brighter, brighter, then off a few time, I realized that it was not possessed. It was HIM.

Aside from not being able to listen to music when HE blasts, it is not a problem. Except this one time:....... HE decided to tell a rather rude wife joke. I was listening (trying to listen) to some music. I heard the joke. I bounded up the stairs to his radio room and stood there glaring at HIM. BUSTED !!!!

I think he owes me, don't you?

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