Random Acts of Kindness

Sheri at the Loopy Ewe has created a contest. Submit a comment about a RAK that you did or received. It is a lovely thought at this time of year.

I don't have a contest. Just a reminder. We are at our best when we act from our hearts.

Here is a challenge. Blog about those RAK that others have done for you. Let's fill the blogsphere with good will.

Here is my first RAK Post:

When HIM and I were a young married couple with a baby, we went through a very hard time. He had a job that kept him away from home. As a truck driver, he was on the road day and night every day of the week. Baby and I would take clean clothes and some homemade food and meet him at the local stop for one hour a week. We all hated it. Plus the baby was ill, our vehicle had been hit and was in the repair shop for two months, the money was not good. Exhaustion set in and finally He gave in and quit. I was so glad to have him home. But there was no income. That Christmas we had two hot dogs and some beans and some baby food in the house. Desperate times.

One day a vehicle pulled up with three acquaintances. They brought in bag after bag of groceries. it was an abundance of food. I had not mentioned how desperate we were to anyone. And here was a miracle.

I have never forgotten. And never failed to be thankful. All these years later we still make it a point to be alert to our neighbors', friends', and family's needs. When one is given much, one owes much. I will always be paying interest on that gift.

What is your story?

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