Why Yes, I did Fall off the Face of the Earth

Thank you for asking.

He who is still in cacville over the vacuum has added another offense. He gave me a nasty sinus infection. Sinus infections are a plague designed for the head. And I do want to chop it off, run it through the garbage disposal.

Oh, you did not want to know that?

Did you know that light can cause sneezing? That bit of information comes via the Cuz. Who is currently suffering from a nasty cold.

Thanksgiving has not been nice to us this year.

I did get a small reprieve. Because of my infirmity, He helped get dinner on the table, and helped clean up afterward. Which is only fair considering I was too ill to care.

He is still in deep kimchee though. I cannot see well enough to knit on the Pretty as a Peacock shawl. Now that deserves some really evil punishment.

I will gladly take suggestions.

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