Yhdeksän, Heinäkuu, Maanantai

So I have been avoiding admitting that I am nearly defeated by Denmark. Good news is that Denmark is on her last toe. A few more minutes and Sock One and Two will be finis !!! And if I never set foot in Denmark again.......

Casting on for Sock Two. This one will be Cascade Yarns' Spring Garden Socks. Using Posh yarn, of course. Because I cannot follow directions exactly. That would kink my perverse id. And my id is kinked enough. Photos eventually. I have to hustle because I am way behind my goal of one set per week. Now that DH is done with his working vacation, I can get back to work.

Trashed my rhododendrons. That is what falling trees do.

Leaving stumps and broken limbs. Because tree-choppin' men don't pick up little things like broken limbs and leaves.

Thank goodness it is Monday. Back to work.

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