Torstai, Heinäkuu, Kaksitoista

Just a couple photos:

The finished Denmark socks. DH agreed to model them. Then we spent an hour trying to get them in focus. Laughing does not help when trying to focus.

This is the yarn and part of the cuff of Spring Garden socks. A 10 row repeat for 60 rows, then a straight stockinette for the foot. I may get the cuff done tonight. There is no hope of getting two done this week. It could be the heat. It could be the changing barometric pressure. It could just be me.

I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for a certain indie dyer whose name shall remain secret (Dharmafey) to dye a certain unnamed yarn ( Cashmere/Silk) for me. The yarn will be for an unnamed project (Moth Shawl).

I would feel guilty about all this except I don't do guilt. Well, mostly I don't do guilt. I am saving the guilt for the mittnz that are as yet unfinished.

And then there is the Mystery Shawl 3.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely socks!! Both of them!!! I am curious about the mystery shawl. Do you just start making it and find out what it looks like? L