Kuusi, Heinäkuu, Perjantai

Alas, I have failed miserably. Or I half succeeded. But Denmark is driving me a bit batty. Insert naughty word here.

So Denmark Too is here:
I am only half way through the cuff. For some reason, the cabling is just boring me. It is easy and attractive. The yarn is nice. I like the color. But I am so very bored with it. I will plug onward. But I am looking at my next sock and yarn and may just cast on for an eye-break. Doing another facecloth helped.

What did not help is the DH and his vacation plans. His plans do not include cluing me in. So I never know what is about to occur, or when. Today we did a lot of running around. Not much accomplished. Time wasted. I suppose that is what vacations are for. His vacation, that is. We did finally see Oceans 13. An okay film. A little lame. But it was in a cool theater and the audience was well behaved. A pleasant two hours (including commercials and previews and trailers). I think we sat too close to the screen because some of the actors were looking tired and old. I don't think I would hire their make-up artists.

Do you ever read the credits? I do. My favorite credit was this title: Assistant to the Assistant Standby Painter. That is the job I want. Pay me to stand by to assist the assistant. I wonder if the job used to be called gopher?

And do Assitants to the Assistants have a union? And a button?
Hmmm. Ass. Ass. SBP. I should start the union myself.

In the meantime, I am holding off utter and complete boredom by listening to this:

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