Samedi, Mai Cinq

I am thinking of firing Firefox. It has a regular problem of crashing. After setting it afire, I may then pound it til it cries.

So much for thoughtful posts.

Once more with feeling. (Feelings of irritation and thoughts of revenge)

I love coffee. I really really love coffee. Cold, hot and various temperatures in between. I have drip makers, French press, percolators, espresso, latte. The cold brew method has fascinated me. But the cost of the cold brewers astounds me. No moving parts. No electrical parts. So why are they so expensive? Then I saw this. Now I can experiment (wicked glee sounds).

Speaking of Glee (wicked or not) I received my latest Lisa Souza fix. I am never disappointed with her yarns. Immediately I wound and cast on the Sock! Merino in Blue Sky. Oh oh oh it is so soft and plump and and and it makes me stutter. Tactile addictions.....Yeah.....sigh.

Of course a great yarn needs a great pattern. This time I chose Tropical Dream. It is a fun pattern which works well with this yarn. I want to post pictures but am unsure of the legality. So here are links: Tropical Dream Sock Sock ! Merino

Lisa Souza is an amazing dyer. Her customer service is fantastic. But even more than that, she ships so fast that the cravings have no chance of ebbing. TWO DAYS from order to my hands. Her email notice of availability was nearly pre-order. I had the yarn wound and cast on in moments of receipt. Ahhhhh.

And so as not to slight anyone else; I received the Knit Picks Options set also within two days. It was hard deciding whether to play with my Tropical Dream sock or with the Options set. I may combine the two by switching to a two-circular-needle method using the Options. I did use the 6" double points from Knit Picks for the original cast on. Just try Knit Picks needles once. You will be very happy you did.

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