Vendredi, Mai Quatre

Dear Cousin,
Thank you for the thoughtful gift ! It was such a pleasant surprise to hear the mailperson honking her horn. The neighbors really love it when she regales us with her 13 or 14 loud toots. And I certainly love dropping my current project to run outside to gather the mail from her vehicle so she need not walk the few steps to the door.

It was so much fun opening the box. I did have to poke and jab at the wrapping tape a bit before I could get the scissors to break through and slice open. And what did I find inside? Just the best stuff ever. I quickly unwrinkled the Local Ledger newspaper so I could catch up on all the news from your adorable little town. The engagements, the health screenings, the bits of advice about cleaning, the advertisements; all of these just fascinate me. I carefully folded each page so that I can keep them safe.

But the best surprise of all was the huge ball of bubble wrap. I just love that stuff. I did try briefly to take the tape off so that I could spread it out to length. Finally I gave up with the unwrapping. I just took the whole thing outside so that the family could enjoy the popping noises together. We jumped on it, then wacked it with sticks, and finally DH drove over it with the vehicle. It made such lovely pops. There was a bit of odd tinkling for a while. Soon it passed and we were just enjoying the pops.

Thanks again for all the fun news and excited popping. Now I am quite perplexed about how to return the favor. I can't think of anything that would be as much fun.

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Natasha said...

LMAO sounds like a wonderful parcel