Jeudi, Mai Dix

Anyone who knits understands the Chaos Theory. Anyone who knits lace understands String Theory. Anyone who knits anything with any skill level at all understands Murphy's Law. Combine the three and you have knitting with a family. Especially with a family of men. Before anyone goes off on me, my experience is that the more capable the man is, the less capable he is. And I call that the Husband Theory.

This morning I awoke to find the husband had installed a new shelf behind the monitor in my office. I really needed the shelf. Draped across the monitor was a cable. Stashed atop the boombox was the modem. My organized stack of bills was scattered. The bundled notes were in disarray. But the chaos of my ripped sock was untouched. I am guessing that he was not afraid of trashing my business files. But was very afraid of tangling my yarn.

Good guess. He gets points for getting it right.

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knitsatnight said...

Smart man. No touchie the knitting. L