Torsdag, April Fem

I am crawling up from the depths of non-blog-itis. It isn't fatal unless someone really wants an update. I must remember to lock my doors.

This is a year-so-far update.



April. It doesn't look like much snow but at 8:30am it was white-out conditions. Slick slimy roads. Of course I had to be on the road during the fun. I blame the Yarn Harlot. She was in Pittsburgh during some of our beautiful Spring weather. It was warm, sunny, and just amazingly refreshing. Then she left. And took the sun and the warmth with her. ....However she can come and take as long as she comes back again.

Forsythia. It is spreading its reach beyond the framed bed. I just can't seem to cut it back. Probably because it shines with yellow loveliness during the nasty Spring snowshowers. There are daffodils too but they are hiding from the cold.
I want this to be the last 's n o w' (four letter word) this year. Do I get a vote?

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Natasha said...

oh it looks so pretty, ofcorse I know that if I had to live in the snow I would be begging for it to leave too LMAO