Mardi, Treize Mars

Ah, Tuesday. Again. Some cultures think Tuesday the 13th is as unlucky as Friday the 13th. I just think it is March.

The snow has almost melted away. Grey and brown are the colors in nature. The roads blend into the fields with spots of dirty white waiting to disappear. I love it! This morning the squirrels were happily munching on bare limbs. The ground hog was fat and sassy, surveying his domain. He looked like a tiny bear cub. I wanted to be out and about on this really fine sunny warm day.

Wasn't going to happen, though. After washing all the clothes last night (what else does an insomniac do at 3am?) I discovered the dryer wasn't heating. And since I had washed ALL the clothes, I was trapped in a nightgown and robe. Normally I think an occasional day-long night-gown and robe vacation is fun. Today it was irony. Without the heat. DH decided to sleep in (night-turn). It was well into afternoon before he took the dryer apart to discover the broken part. Then a 20 mile trip to order the part. A quick stop to get the new dryer (clothes line) and some fun wrapping the line around anything that would hold it off the floor. Very soon my house will be a mini Gates art show. Or a maze.

No, I don't have outside clothes lines. With the neighbors burning their trash, the horse flies, and mosquitoes, it was a nearly hopeless task.

The most fun part of the day was the conversation on the way to buy parts. DH and I discussed moving to Nevada. The advantages: SUNSHINE, WARMTH, NO STATE TAXES
The disadvantages: HEAT, HEAT, HEAT

We are still debating. All opinions in my favor are welcome. All other opinions can be kept to yourselves.

Hey, it is my blog. And I am dictator of this space.

Photos of chez Maze may come soon. If the lines hold. Or even if they don't.

Life is a grand adventure. Laugh.


Knits at Night said...

You poor thing with the dryer. When I wash clothes I always make sure that I have something to put on in case of an emergency cause the last time Mom went to ER my clothes were wet and I had to put on wet clothes. Yikes. Uncomfortable. LInda

Natasha said...

eeek, bad bad dryer, we only use ours in emergencies or when it has been raining non stop for a week (oddly that happens a fair bit, some drought we are having lol), At our old place our clothes line sucked, it was one of those fold out, attatched to the wall jobs and the wind never touched it so in Winter things were always still wet. Here was have a lovely hills hoist in the middle of the yard, spins round and round in the wind and everything is dry by lunch time. **hugs hill hoist**