Tirsdag, April, Ti

No More Photos Of Snow !

Rule # 1: Never try to reorganize files while doing taxes.
Rule # 2: Never do taxes.
Rule # 3: Never try to do taxes while husband is asleep in room next to attic door where safe with important papers is kept.
Rule # 4: See rule number 2.

I am insane. And getting worse by the minute. The papers on the new (1 year old) car are in the safe in the attic that I cannot get to because DH is asleep and the attic door slams. AAAAAAAARGH!!!!!

Okay, somewhat better now.

I keep telling myself I am almost done. Then it surprises me with more stuff. PAPERS AND MORE PAPERS. I just want a straight tax. Or no tax at all.

Laundry is waiting to be sorted, dishes are mostly done. Yarn is crying to be held. I dreamt last night that I was working on a beautiful shawl with fabulous cashmere yarn in deep blues and greens. I think it looked somewhat like peacock feathers. I need help. Really. I remember slamming the alarm clock at 6am and then I awoke in a start at 7:29am. I jumped up (bad on the knees) and ran to see if J was up. He was. DH was still up. It had snowed again but J felt he could get to the bus alone. Then it started snowing again. But he made it. So, therefore, I am still in my nightgown. Which may encourage me to take a nap while I wait for DH to get up so I can get the auto papers and finish the DAMN, STUPID, IRRITATING taxes. Whew. I need a vacation. And more coffee.

Good thing I don't take things seriously. Although I am beginning to seriously think about a yarn store/tea shop in Lamar. Really! What a great place to retire. We can offer little sandwiches and tea in one room, yarns and yarns and yarns and gadgets in another. Wi-Fi of course. And we will need a really comfortable back room for us. Comfortable chairs with footstools, good lighting, fast computer access and music when we want. We can podcast from the backroom. Oh yeah, and we need space for stitch and bitch and POETRY READING and ART GALLERY viewings and whatever just trips our triggers. Including lectures and birdwatching meetings and eveything else. I just really want to do this. I want to have everything we love in one place. Which means we need a huge building with lots of rooms. Upstairs and down. I would love to have a working loom with a work-in-progress somewhere and a knitting machine too. What else? I cannot tell you how much I want this.

Maybe it is me trying to escape the taxes. But I can see the whole thing in my mind's eye.

I will need to return from Chicago to help run the place. She can show her artwork there too. She will be the curator of our gallery and coordinator of the lecture series. No, she does not get a choice. This is my fantasy. M will have to return and raise alpaca, llama, buffalo, camel, cashmere goats, sheep, musk ox (quivuit?), and whatever else we want. No, she does not have a choice. See above. (Gosh she is beautiful)

P will be the silent partner who gets 1/3 say in what we do without any additional chores because she is a saint too and rescued M from Dallas Christmas hell.

There. My fantasy life.


I need a vacation.

Oh, I forgot. We need to do yarn crawls at yarn stores throughout the world. For business purposes.

And we need to book the Yarn Harlot. Just cause I want to meet her. And we can invite Lime and Violet when their book comes out.

We could have a small apartment above the shops for the visiting lecturers. And for us when we need to run away.

Now, what is your fantasy?

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