Mardi, Six, Mars

Exhaustion takes it toll. Frustration is close behind. Yeah for March. Of course it is making itself as annoying as January and February. Each day brings us closer to Spring. I was looking for reasons to be thankful. The Cuz suggested this: I don't live in a tipi. Now that is a great suggestion. Baby it is cold outside again. Poor DH is out driving in this cold, snowy weather. He loves driving at night but it keeps me concerned. He loves to give me sight-seeing details. How many folks sight-see at night? I hear about the ice-fishers and their vehicles and shacks. I can't imagine spending thousands of dollars on a building without a floor that gets driven onto the lake (driving a shack onto a lake?) with heaters and satellites for the purpose of watching a hole in the ice freeze over. There has to be a gene specifically for these folks. If found, is it a defect and can it be cured?

Now with the freeze and thaw cycle started, the ice breaks, stacks, refreezes in huge chunks. I don't want to be any near any of this. I am cold just thinking about it.

Crossing the creek (crick, if your from these parts) we saw the ice blocks that stacked up against the bank. Whew. High ground. Another thing to be thankful for.

It keeps snowing. We almost saw the swing. Then it hid again. As did the cars and driveway. Now the weather report is calling for 2-6 more inches. I want find someplace hot. Really hot. Just for a while. Long enough to make all this snow look good.

Stop laughing!

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