Onsdag, Februar, Fjorten

Cold, windy, snowy. I am going Ground Hog hunting. What would a stuffed and mounted ground hog look like on my wall? A Dart Board !

So, first the photos: On the left, the swing. I won't be sitting there.

Icicles as long as the snow is deep.

The mail box after uncovering it. And it had mail in it. We think the mail was delivered before the snow came.

Someone came by and plowed the driveway and the road. We are certain it was not the township. Most likely suspect is our great neighbor. Everyone needs neighbors like ours. We try to reciprocate.

Thankfully the DH and DS had called off from work to help me with a medical procedure. The procedure was canceled so I had my guys home for two days. That was a great St. Valentine's day treat. And not having to be poked and prodded was a treat too. Maybe it will snow on the rescheduled day.

Well, hope springs eternal.

I am knitting Nancy Bush's Gentleman's Lozenge Socks on Lang Jawoll with size One double pointed needles. If I wasn't going cross-eyed, I would say this is darn fun. The yarn is very soft and a lovely chocolate brown. I want to eat it. I can almost smell brownies baking in the oven. Yummmmm. Oh, better run before they burn.

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Lucinda said...

That's a heck of a lot of snow & ice! I love the different languages on your day of the week/month/date. February looks like it's Scandinavian of some sort, because I can actually read them.