Pópule, `Umi-kúmá-há, Iánauli

In between This and That there is knitting. Now if only This and That were between knitting. There has been slow progress on Katie Sock. It is an easy fun pattern but This and That keep interferring. Small things like copying floppies onto cd's for a friend. Why don't They make it easier to move files from old computers to new ones? Ego? Pride? Snobbery? Orneriness? After trying for several days with several machines, I gave up on the direct connect via cable idea. Thus, a few (several) hours of copying floppies to an old machine and then burning the discs. More than 40 floppies worth of files are now safely on two cd's. It was not arduous but it was annoying in one factor, I could not knit. The time between copies was too short to allow for more than one stitch. Yeah for speed. Hiss for not knitting.

Saturday being the day dedicated to Not Dressing, I got a picture of this:

DS at his best. Jacket over T-shirt, plaid baggy pajama bottoms and the pièce de résistance; Gorilla slippers. The ultimate luxury.

There was resistance to modeling but this:

Is Katie Sock. The heel is turned, the gusset picked up, and the decreases are almost finished. Katie Too is through the second repeat as well. So Sunday's Bowling knitting will be Katie and Katie Too with hopes they will be finished in a few days. I have dreamy Posh Yarn Cashmere waiting. But what pattern to use? Maybe Monkey Sock from Knitty.com or even Hedera. Or some as yet undiscovered pattern. Maybe even Snakes on a Sock.

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