Pó`akolu, `Umi-kúmá-hiku, Iánauli

I should post more often.
There, that satisfied the vague guilt I may have about not posting more often.

Now for the fun stuff. I received a great singing phone call. The caller gave her name; said, "Hold on." and I said "No". I am annoying that way. She and her husband then sang a great song in harmony. It was fun and well done and they did not laugh once during the song. I did. Laugh. Out loud. Gotta love her. And all because she got the socks I sent. Now it did take a week to get there. The post office is a little slow in her part of the country. Pony Express. A little itsy bitsy pony. A very tired itsy little pony. With a sore hoof. And an attitude.

I sent the sock(s) with the bedsocks for her DH in an envelope. The Envelope was puffy and taped thoroughly because socks may compress but they just don't stay compressed. The last time I sent something yarny the postal teller got snippy (I love puns) because I used a regular envelope and those regular envelopes are for LETTERS only. I was thinking, all letters or only vowels? So I sent these socks in an envelope. Cause I just love to be annoying. This time, she did not say anything. I suppose she was just too tired to get snippy. Or she had her fill of snippy earlier in the day. I love the question Is there anything hazardous in here? Cause YEAH, the sock may just pop out and hurt someone. The whole contents probably weighed less than the envelope. And I threw in some consonents, just cause !

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