Pó`alua, `Iwakálua-kúmá-kolu, Iánauli

So the baby cardigan is started. Not much progress. For some reason I have needed to restart projects again and again. It is odd how pain interferes with clear thinking. Arthritis. Someday there will be a cure.

So for something easy I started Hedera with Posh Yarn's first delivery of the year from the Sock Club. A really soft Cashmere in some colors I would not have chosen. The skein was looking just okay. The wound ball was not much better. But the sock is nicer. The feel is fantastic. I hope the Aunt in Alaska-South (south-east Colorado) likes it.

As usual, it will look better on the foot.

I was so tempted to order some Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks for a sweater for DH. Then I remembered I am trying to knit from the stash. I did not join Wendy's stash busting efforts but the idea has stuck around long enough to make me feel guilty if I don't. Which is cause enough to make me buy yarn. So my guilt is in competition with my rebellious nature. As if I needed more reason to be insane. Then again, I am miffed at DH therefore he gets no new sweater.

I would post a photo of our newest snowfall but compared to the West and Mid-West storms ours is puny. But pretty. And it is January.

Back to the sock, the baby cardigan, and feeling guilty over not finishing the sister's sweater. A hot cup of tea should help.

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