Pó`alima, `Umi-kúmá-iwa, Iánauli

A big sigh of relief. Katie Sock is done! They need a wash and block but being lace, they will look so much better on the foot. A certain blogger calls unblocked lace 'boiled ass'. I don't know what boiled ass looks like. I really really don't want to know what boiled ass looks like. But unblocked lace certainly looks less than savory. Wanna see?

Now that Katie is off the needles I should go back to little sister's sweater.

Okay that is not going to happen. So I plan on casting on this:

It is from an ancient Star Book. The pattern is called A Fable in Cable. The black and white photo does not do the outfit justice. I love the intricate cables. I think I will do it in a pale yellow with perhaps a deeper, brighter yellow for collar, button band and cuffs. Or perhaps a light lavender. Something springlike to remind me that Spring will come again.

We have snow again. Only 2-4 inches but enough to remind me that it is January and winter. DH will have to drive along the lower Erie shore. Thankfully he doesn't drive the Buffalo run. The nights get longer and colder and make winter seem to last much to long. We count the minutes of daylight at this time of year and watch eagerly as the total creeps higher. I keep reminding him there are other countries who are experiencing summer. Surely one of them has a job for a truck driver. I am always up for an adventure.

Have you ever noticed that usually a 'stay-at-home' type marries a traveler? Hey Cuz, I will dig out the bus if you dig out the friend. Let's go exploring !

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