Torsdag, Februar, En

I am so impressed with this (scroll to Feb 1) that I may never crawl out from my corner again. The art behind this, the creative process that figured this out, and the generosity that shared it floors me. We who knit know that it is not a chore. We don't do it to 'get it done'. We knit because all aspects of knitting bring us joy. The feel of the yarn in our hands, the rush of emotion as we see something we create being brought to life, the knowledge we gain from every project, and unity with others around the globe who also knit; all these things are but a part of the experience of knitting. It bring s us peace, satisfaction, enjoyment, community. There is always more to learn. Sometimes the learning starts with another 'knitting' word as I fumble my way through. Okay, often there is another knitting word. I am proud of what I accomplish. A quiet pride that I learned something, I finished something, I took tools and supplies and made my world better. Does that sound grandiose? Try this on for size, every single knitter I know creates things for others. Every single one of them. What other job does that? Boggles the mind, doesn't it. We humans find ways and make opportunities to do things for others. We do it quietly, without the need to make announcements and gain attention for our efforts. (Yeah, yeah yeah, some folks need the attention.) Every day millions of people are doing something that benefits someone else. I needed the reminder today. I am proud to be part of the human race.

Now just find THAT on your local News program!

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Lovely lovely post. Linda