Pó`alua, `Elua, Iánauli

A new year and a fresh start. Many knitters and jumping on the 'Knit From Your Stash' idea that Wendy initiated. It is a laudable idea. But as for me....not gonna happen. I shall have to find other laudable activities. Or not. I resolve to be unresolved.

I have a brand new finished object for this brand new year. At last the first L & V sock is fini !!!

The second sock is on the needles and well started but I would rather be knitting on the Katie sock. A change of pace and color.

Since sleeping isn't something I do regularly I started a new project. This will be a fan and feather shawl out of some deep blue that was recently disinterred. Along with some dust. I had to find new holes to hide yarn in when I was informed just days before Christmas that we were being inspected. My opinion of government interference is something not to be discussed in polite company. If you are not polite, I have several choice words in several languages. Sadly, Norwegian is not one of them. I need to either learn Norwegian or find a Norwegian friend to instruct me in the ways of Norwegian cursing. Digression is the better part of ...never mind.

The good part about being forced to clean while trying to prepare for Christmas is that I discovered old yarn. Which gave me impetus to search out patterns for ye olde yarne. I also rediscovered a finished shawl. It needs blocked and a few ends woven, but otherwise, voile'.

So does that make a 2007 finished object or 2006? Either way, it goes on the good side of the scales.

There are several sock clubs that look interesting this year but I think I will stick with Posh and see how that goes. I am certain the cashmere sock yarn will wipe every other project off the slate. I have been drooling over one pattern specifically. So I really need to get L & V and Katie on and off the needles quickly.

Oh, one needles review. I purchased several bamboo needles from an ebay seller based in Hong Kong. The price was amazing but the needles all need more sanding. Since this is my only complaint I can recommend Joyce Super Shop Remember to research each item yourself. No one's opinion is better than your own.

And to end this long post, here are a few photos the Cuz sent from South East Colorado.
I have heard that you can buy some of this white stuff on ebay.

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