Pó`akolu, `Ekolu, Iánauli

There is so much talk about global warming. Is anyone talking about solar activity? Is anyone theorizing about how the high volume of solar eruptions affects Earth's atmosphere? And if there is discussion, how we can blame ourselves and pollution? 'Cause I really want to hear that conversation. My, we do think we are so important.

I am pretty sure that I have no control over tides, weather, and whatever the sun wants to do. So while the Sun is supposed to be at its lowest active stage but is instead extremely active, I am rather certain that I did not do it. Seriously.

I did not cause the blizzards that hit Colorado and moved eastward either. But, hey, if you want someone to blame, go ahead. Blame me. I would however like the credit for selling snow on Ebay. No, it was not my idea, but I want the credit anyway.

I just wasted time watching The Devil Wears Prada. 'Nuff said. I did manage to get a few more repeats done on the L & V sock. Look out heel-turn. Here I come.

I wish I had taken my camera last evening when I was shopping. The sky was the most phenomenal work of art I have seen. There were a few lovely orange sherbet strands of clouds. There were also some wispy brilliant clouds in swishes and bends and angles that I have never seen clouds take. It looked just as if Bob Ross had wiped his paint brush in huge sweeps across half of the sky. No photograph could have done it justice. Amazing. God does such stunningly beautiful things with bits of vapor and wind. He must have had so much fun making happy little swirls. I had fun standing still and feasting on it. An aperitif to the evening and its gift of stars.

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