Kin'you bi, Ni juu kyuu, Juu ni gatsu

Christmas 2006 is past. Not yet over though. DH does what he calls 'Little Christmas'. Serbian calendar. So we have a few more weeks of the holiday. A good start to Julian's January. Although Colorado may not think so. To the Coloradorians, much sympathy. I hope you can find some good reasons to rejoice. At least the snow gives you all good excuses to stay indoors and knit.

I could hardly wait to restart the L & V sock. Again. This time the pattern seems to be working and I am making fast progress.

And I found a beautiful pattern for the Danish colorway from Royal Yarns.

I am itching to start something for a baby. It has been a long time since I worked on something small.

I should just make a list of future projects. It will be long. I keep adding ideas. And downloading patterns. Oh just yeah for the Internet and generous knitters.

And yeah for reasons to avoid doing the taxes.

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knitsatnight said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful sock. Thank you thank you thank you Linda