Pó`alua, `Eiwa, Iánauli

Well winter returned. This morning the snow fell, roads became icy. The local township did nothing although it is called a Road Supervisory township. I was not surprised, nor amused as I slid through intersections and around corners. The main roads were good, so the state gets credit for that. Then the sunshine returned and the skies were dotted with clouds. A lovely morning for driving.

Furthermore having spent time comparing McDonald's coffee and Burger King's coffee I was able to conclude that Burger King wins. Or maybe waiting until 11am for my first cup just made it that must better. I love a morning cup of coffee. No morning should start without it. No morning should start before noon anyway !

Took Katie Sock with me to the doctor's office. Seeing that I left really early, and that only the township had horrible roads, I managed to arrive 1/2 hour early. And the office staff managed to keep me waiting an extra 1/2 hour. Plenty of time to let the blood pressure drop to normal with lots of knitting as therapy. So of course I managed to drop stitches, twist stitches and make a hash of such a lovely little thing. Home once again and I am ripping back to pre-doctor visit. I developed a mantra in the waiting room. Knit one, breathe in and hold, yo, k3, exhale slowly, slip 1, knit 2, psso, breathe in, k3, yo, knit one, exhale. It worked great. On my blood pressure. It did nothing good for the sock. New rule. Mantras for socks or mantras for breathing. Not both at the same time. Which should prove very amusing as I pass out from not breathing while doing the knitting mantra.

On the way home I saw a billboard advertising three places to consume alcohol. One billboard, three shots at getting drunk. Immediately behind the billboards.....the cemetery. I am not the only one with a strange sense of humor. And not one of them open at 11am. Neither were the graves.

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