Oó`akahi, `Ewalu, Iánauli

Dear Cuz, I am sorry to tell you this but Katie Sock is on hold. A catastrophic event occurred today requiring my complete attention.

This bit of loveliness arrived from Posh Yarns today. Cashmere. I cannot set it down. I am fondling it, carrying it, caressing it. I suppose at some point I will release it.

Or not.

Well, Katie Sock is actually as lovely and soft. It is hard to decide which to play with next.

The background is the latest shawl. It just needs released from the blocking wires and delivered to the unsuspecting friend. Who had better love it a lot because this took me ages to design. It is not perfection. The blocking frame warped and my frustration levels are off the chart. Adding to all the fun is the upcoming doctor visit. Who switched offices on me again and was not going to tell me, again. Really, this is getting tiresome. After the last trip to the right office to find they had moved (again) I was at least prepared to question their locale. So a nice long 40 mile trip early in the morning for a visit I am not looking forward to on a grey wet day. I should be used to this.

Wellington calls to me. It is summer there. Flowers, birds, sunshine. Lots and lots of sheep. Cuz, grab your DH and lets go start a cashmere goat, alpaca, buffalo ranch. The buffalo alone ought to pay for the move.

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knits at night said...

Absolutely lovely!!! I knitted 2 inches on Em's sweater tonight at Mom's. I love it. 10" and I need 14 before the next step. Can't wait. Will probably call for help but don't know yet. Nice blog post. CUZ