Kin'you Bi, Bi Juu Ni, Juu Ni Gatsu

Surviving the holidays. I am so thankful that we did not get the Colorado blizzard. I send sympathetic thoughts for those stranded and hopes that they get to their destinations soon. For those who rescued, housed, fed, comforted the weary snowlocked travelers I send cheers and thanks and Well Done !

I have ceded the Christmas knitting. What is done will be gifted. What isn't done will be sent later. No apologies. I did what I could. It did not help that we received an 'almost' surprise inspection. The mad rush to decorate, knit, wrap, and house clean left us all a bit weary. I now have the excuse to not clean for a long long time. More time to knit.

I decided a few years ago that holiday cooking should come well after the holidays. Why add to the stress levels. In accord with that idea, Saturday will be Turkey day. Sunday will be chicken pot pie with the female parent and possibly the female sibling. Thus avoiding the crazy 'we have to make every dish every invented' holiday dinner. So far, so good.

I only have three more gifts to wrap. I think I will make it.

I love this time of year. Giving gifts is fun. Decorating is fun. Losing Joseph is a bit of a problem. 9 wise men and not one of them fits the bill for Joseph. Perhaps we need to send out an APB. Missing ! One Stepfather for baby in manger. If found, please apprehend and notify.....

Oh, and for the not-lost but very missed Cuz, hurry home Em!

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