Nichiyou Bi, Juu Nana, Juu Ni Gatsu

My house is a disaster. Really. I started out cleaning, redding up to those from these parts. Pick up this, put that there. Put this book here. Well the bookcase could look neater so I will sort them by height. That book, I remember that book. It has interesting pictures of...yeah. Good stuff. Oh, wait, that reminds that I want to make something....from...yeah, this book over here. Where is that...yeah, this pattern. Oh, wait, I think I have the perfect yarn for that. Now where is that yarn....in this bin? No, this one? No....yeah, here it is. Great. Now which needles? Oh yeah, they are over here. No, over here....Well that was fun. Now there are more books laying about, yarn tossed into interesting piles, projects dug out from their hiding places and the house looks worse. Why is it I just cannot clean without making more of a mess? Short attention span? Or is it I just don't like cleaning. Or is it I just don't like finishing. Now what psychological defect do I have that makes finishing a project disagreeable? Hmmm. If I spend enough time thinking about these things maybe I won't have to go back and pick up the books, yarn, needles, unfinished projects, etc. Or maybe I do all this so I won't have to wash dishes.

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