Kin'you Bi, Bi Juu San, Juu Ni Gatsu

Good news for the stranded cousin, Cousin Mom and Second Mom (Mom's best friend) are on the way to rescue her from the evil clutches of Dallas. Mom's best friend is really BEST in all capital letters. The trip is 8 hours each way if all goes perfectly and this is the day before the day before Christmas. No that was not a typo. So to Mom's Best Friend, I raise a glass in salute.

And for more praise. Stranded Cousin's taxi driver befriended her, gave his cell phone number, delivered her free to the hotel after learning she could not get a bus out of Dallas either, and gave her a shoulder to cry on. Folks, when you watch the news on TV you are just not getting the news. You are getting the crap. The news is the folks who rescue, take in, befriend, enable, support and are all around nice every single day of the year. Want proof? Find a food bank, clothing bank, shelter, fire house, police station, emergency room, nursing home and watch for a few minutes. What you are seeing is some of the best news happening. And it happens every single day.

Now on to the fun stuff. I finally got some photos of some projects recently worked.
This is a close-up of the Andean Treasure Alpaca scarf for the female parent. I am still debating losing it before the gifting. A bit of revenge.

And this is the bamboo for SIL. I love the way both have turned out. The mobius was fun to block. A bit of this and a bit more of that to get all parts stretched. It is soft and lovely. She will be thrilled or I will intimidate her.

One last bit of fun today. The Cousin Mom from above does geneology research on the family. She discovered we have a Seneca relative from Canada in our line. According to CM we are at perhaps 1% Seneca. I suggest that no, we were 1% Canadian. So to all the Canadian relatives, Merry Christmas ! Please keep the snow to yourselves. We have had enough, thank you.

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