Mokuyou Bi, Juu Yon, Juu Ni Gatsu

Eleven days until Christmas. The shopping is done. Most of the gifts are wrapped. I will post pictures after I remove the mammouth decorations pile... Or actually put the decorations onto their respective holders, walls, doors, trees, gutters and so forth. And so, onto the rest. Knitting is so far behind that I am now avoiding it. Avoidance does not make the knitting happen faster. It does give me great ideas for other crafts. I could start so many other things now.

I have been amazed that there are so few shoppers in the stores where I have shopped. The Outlet Mall stores were barely busy. How very odd. I have been in some of those shops when there was no holiday and the aisles were jammed with shoppers. This time it was an easy stroll. Amazing. In and out and on our way. Even Wal-Mart was uncrowded. Yes, I shop at Wal-Mart. When I am desperate. In my deprived neighborhood, Wal-Mart is the only store within 40 miles with fabric. And the next nearest fabric store is in another state.

On the other hand, I could have gotten some knitting done on the drive.....Nah. Not worth it.

I got my daily rant out of the way during a 'let's eat at Wendy's' stop. I don't mind not cooking. I do wish 'not cooking' nights could be less greasy. My daily rant usually consists of being bombarded by fluff news. I really don't care what Brad and Angie are doing. I don't care where they are and where they are going. And having to dig past their latest 'doings' to get to actually items of interest has gotten old. What did news papers, news magazines, and even news programs on television do before celebrities became hot items? Why I do believe they actually had NEWS. International, national, regional, local news. Wow, I suppose remembering that makes me old. Or at least adult.

End of rant. Stay tuned for Thursday's rant.

I purchased some amazing fabrics at Wal-Mart on sale. Lovely prints that I then used to wrap gifts. And discovered that even the best tapes don't like to stick to cloth. Therefore I wrapped the wrapped gifts with yarn. The yarn holds the tape to the cloth but just lacks appeal. So I spent the afternoon making bows from yarn. Not bad. And it makes me grin to think of the Sister taking the wrapping off the gifts. She loves to s l o w l y slip the tape off without tearing the paper. S l o w l y revealing the present inside. This year will be slightly different. Her 'paper' is cats.

Gotta get back to folding laundry. Another good avoidance activity. And then the dishes need washed. Floor needs scrubbed. Plants watered. Maybe I will wash and wax the car too.

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