Nichiyou bi, Juu, Juu ni gatsu

Drat. I just lost several hours of work on the Oak Leaf Scarf in Andean Treasure. I picked up the provisional cast-on and flew through most of a repeat. 16 rows. I popped a stitch-holder onto the working needle, bagged the work and a new ball and went off to watch DS bowl. Then I managed to drop a stitch. And it dropped and dropped. All the way back to the cast-on. This stuff is slippery and ornery. It apparently wants to be worked only at home, when I am alone, late at night, with all media silent, and only one light still on. Maybe it wants fed, too. Many sighs and a great Eggplant Parmesan later I may be able to look at it again. Feeding me helps. Feeding me at a restaurant helps a lot more. Maybe I should have added a bottle of good wine. Maybe I still will.

And drat Blogger Beta too. I have tried several times to join a group-blog and all Blogger will let me do is sign into this one. Apparently it is as persnickity as the Andean Treasure. I will beat it into submission though. One way or another. Same with the Oak Leaf Scarf. So be warned. I am short on time and temper. And full of Eggplant. Be afraid.

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