Getzuyou Bi, Juu Ichi, Juu Ni Gatsu

I am all for dreams. Daydreams, night dreams, strange dreams, nightmares. I usually remember my dreams and sometimes awaken laughing. Okay, often I awaken laughing. This morning's dream was clear, detailed, colorful, orderly and has me wondering what in the world was I thinking? The dream? All about Inuit clans, kayaking amidst ice floes, whaling, and best friends. Not one thing in my dream gives me any clues as to why I was dreaming it. Whaling? Oh, I am sure I have no desire to hunt, capture, and kill a whale. And doing it in a kayak? Not even if my best friend's deepest desire was to kayak in a winter sea amidst ice floes. So very NOT going to happen. No, I did not eat pizza before bed, either. Now if I had dreamed that Andean Treasure yarn had unraveled and attacked me? That I could understand. The worse part of the dream? I did not laugh. Not even once. Bah. Good thing I don't pay money to see my dreams.

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