Getzuyou bi, Yon, Juu ni gatsu

Two pair of socks, one set of mittens, one hat; Done. So far, so good. Cast on and well into Knit Picks Andean Treasure Summer Sky. The pattern is the Oak Leaf Scarf from Elann. So far, one frogging and I haven't finished one repeat yet. Perhaps today was just not the day to start another lace pattern. Getting some sleep might help.

Tomorrow Baby Sister turns one year older. Happy Birthday, kiddo. Hope you keep getting younger and find new ways to enjoy every new year. Now go eat some cake! I would post pictures but she would hunt me down and do bodily harm.

I wonder if there is a younger sister organization. Some group that plots revenge on older sisters? What a scary thought. Perhaps I should repent and beg forgiveness. .... give me a minute, I am thinking about it.


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