Martedí, Sette, Novembre

Some days are just long. DH had an appointment with the physician for a check-up. The great news is his cholesterol is fantastic and everything but the Achilles is good too. The recommendation for his heel is to stay off of it for 6 weeks. Because the moment he steps down again it will aggravate the injury. I don't know of anyone who can stay off their heel for 6 weeks. I suggested walking on his toes. He did not think it was funny. But the mental imagine of this burly truck driver mincing around on his toes makes me laugh. And laugh.

The not great news is he locked his keys in the vehicle. The vehicle where in I left my purse with my keys and phone. So glad he kept his wallet in his pocket. An 800 call to AAA to be rescued was made. Of course everyone in the office was amused. When AAA arrived they asked for id. My id is in the van. I cannot show you my driver's license because it is IN THE VAN. So they jimmied the lock anyway. And set off the alarm. They, having jimmied the passenger side door (I don't know why) crawled across to the driver's side to start the engine. That doesn't work because the alarm shuts the engine down. The horn is still blowing. The lights are flashing. I (being the dumb woman who did NOT lock her keys in the ignition) asked for the keys so I could unlock the back door, get my keys with the remote and shut off the alarm. Duh. Just in time for DH to exit the office and have a nice chat with the nice men from AAA. They did not treat him like a fool. Once again, IT WASN'T ME who locked his keys in the ignition. Men. Gotta love them. I am sometimes not sure why though. Oh yeah, he makes great swifts and blocking frames.

I did have my knitting with me of course. What else was I going to do while waiting for AAA to show?

To make the day complete,the waiting room had several coughing individuals (cover your mouth! please), the grocery store had dozens of wild-after-school children, the office manager was playing dumb, and the DH was too. There must have been a male-only brain-flatulence cosmic shift. That evening even the DS managed to trip and fall on his toucas. Thankfully he fell on a padded carpet. It only wounded his pride.

This is why my knitting goes everywhere with me. It keeps me calm and busy. And if that fails, I have really pointy sticks.

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